Tara Eden has been exploring movement as medicine for as long as she can remember. She believes embodiment is the key to feeling empowered, creative, connected and free.

For over 20 years Tara has studied the body and various components of movement- as a tool of expression and communication (BFA in Theater), for moving meditation (Ashtanga Practioner) for therapy (Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy), for strength, fitness and wellbeing (RYT500) for healing and therapeutics (Accredited Thai Massage Bodyworker)and for awareness (Accredited Feldenkrais Method™ Practitioner).

While based in NYC, Tara taught breath-led somatic yoga to a wide array of populations and practiced Thai Massage.  From her fascination with the body, Tara realized that standard anatomy classes were often disjointed and based on a 2-dimensional, non-moving model of the body and decided to design her own Embodied Anatomy course which she now teaches independently and for Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Finally ready to slow down, reconnect and cultivate a life with “less thinking, more feeling” Tara relocated to Thailand. She was realigned with the Feldenkrais Method and was completely astonished by how a subtle practice could have a profound affect not only on her chronic muscular pain but by fundamentally improving her overall wellbeing and awareness of herself and world around her.

Today, Tara teaches Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement™ classes and workshops in Thailand and internationally and created and leads a 5-day modular immersion program, “Learning to Listen” which is an  introduction to the Feldenkrais Method as an art of living, and an exploration of embodied learning and somatic movement.

She practices Functional Integration Bodywork- a gentle practice that helps the recipient feel a more complete sense of themselves, realize unnecessary strain and self-imposed tension, facilitate deep relaxation and foster more comfortable and efficient movement or breathing patterns. Tara also offers a Yoga Teacher Mentorship program and teaches Somatic Movement and Feldenkrais on Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings.

The Somatic Movement Project, Tara’s company, constantly evolves. It is an educational resource for movement and bodywork modalities that deepen awareness, provoke curiosity and promote empowerment and connection.

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