Tara has been exploring movement as medicine for as long as she can remember. 

For her, movement has always been the key to a feeling of personal freedom, creativity and peace of mind. 

For over 20 years Tara has studied various components of movement: Movement as communication (BFA in Theater), self-empowerment (Ashtanga Yoga) therapy (Certificate in Dance/Movement Therapy) and for physical wellbeing (RYT 500). While based in NYC, Tara taught vinyasa and hatha yoga in boutique (Kula Yoga Project) and local studios and brought it to the Hasidic Jewish community, inner city middle school, private high school and private homes.
Tara’s fascination with the body prompted her to delve into Thai Massage and extensive anatomy studies. Frustrated by anatomy classes that were heady, boring or misleading she designed and teaches an Embodied Anatomy course which makes learning the complexities of the body accessible, fun and memorable. 
Tara is a certified Awareness Through Movement™ teacher (Feldenkrais Method), teaches Somatic Movement (sensory movement) and integrates it into Somatic Yoga, a practice of building asana from sensory awareness and functional architecture. She uses her knowledge of the body, kinesthetics, massage and energetics to develop her own style of integrated bodywork.
Tara is currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where her company, Somatic Movement Project, constantly evolves. She travels teaching workshops, trainings and classes, hosts retreats, offers integrated bodywork and therapeutic Thai massage and leads yoga teacher mentorship programs. 

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