Private Sessions

Functional integration

FI is a unique form of gentle bodywork that uses a continuous integration of body sensations and attention to tap into the nervous system. It is a way of “rewiring the brain” to learn new self-organization – improving mobility, coordination, breathing, body awareness, self-regulation and overall wellbeing.

Functional Integration is part of the Feldenkrais Method in Chiang Mai. These sessions can be extremely effective for  minimizing anxiety, office syndrome, low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, for performance enhancement,  aging bodies, injury rehabilitation and for children with special needs.


Functional Integration® is the hands-on bodywork Piece of the Feldenkrais Method. This unique sensory -Motor learning process is for adults and children to Restore mobility, reduce pain, tension or discomfort  and develop a deeper, more whole, sense of self.

Functional Integration can have a profound affect on restoring agility, balance and vitality to aging bodies
Bodywork is performed on a table or mat on the floor - sometimes lying down, sitting or standing. Student is clothed comfortably. No oils or creams are used.
Feldenkrais Method for Children with Special Needs

Private Feldenkrais Sessions can involve body/movement assessment, breath work and a series of very gentle, yet profoundly deep, palpations or physical adjustments and/or verbal instructions

How can functional integration help you?

reduce anxiety & pain

postural rehabilitation after injury or surgery

illuminate self-limiting postural habits

improve performance and coordination

 increase comfort and ease of movement and breathing

 Improve sleeping

 promote a deep state of relaxation and wellbeing

improve your sensing and awareness of your whole self


Private FELDENKRAIS Sessions

Functional Integration® Bodywork:

Initial Visit and Assessment:
90 mins

continuing bodywork Sessions:
60-75 mins

$80 USD  home

$100 USD abroad 

SMP Personalized Embodied Movement Sessions- Individuals or Pairs:

90 Minutes

$100 USD  home

$140 USD abroad

**Advanced scheduling & payment required**

Cancellation Policy:
More than 24hrs notice – no charge
Less than 24hrs notice – full session price charged