Here’s a list of some favorite people, places and things…

People – Jade Wood – Globetrotting Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Bodyworker, Yin Yoga and Embodiment Instructor, Retreats, Anatomy, Yoga Teacher Trainer. All-Around Brilliant, Creative and Articulate Educator. – Emily Baxter – Partner Acrobatics Instructor, Anatomy Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer. Fun, Nerdy, Solid and Adventurous Bad-Ass. – Laurence Gilliot – Yoga Instructor, Yoga Teacher Trainer, TRE guide, Mindfulness Coach. Kind, Attentive, Precise, Caring Mamma. – Tammy Hayano – Yoga Instructor, Qi Gong, Inner Dance, TRE- traume/tension release, Craniosacral Therapy. Thorough, Accessible, Congenial Guide. – Nikki Villela – NYC Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Wanderlust Yoga Teacher. Inspiring, Powerful, Precise, Innovative Educator. – Erin Dudley – Yoga & Dance Educator, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Wanderlust Yoga Teacher, Yoga Philosophy, Somatics. Deep, Insightful, Creative, Devilish Mentor.



Studios & Retreat Centers

Chiang Mai, Thailand – Wild Rose Yoga Studio – Dynamic and Deep Asana Experiences – Namo Yoga & Massage – Basic Yoga Explorations – Om Waters – Floating, Off-the-Grid Retreat Center and Homestay

New York, USA – Kula Yoga Project – Intelligent, Creative and Cutting-Edge Yoga Education – Shambhala Yoga & Dance – Diverse Community Yoga



Classes, Trainings, Workshops & Retreats



Learning To Listen  – Somatic Movement Training

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Module 1- Intro to Somatic Yoga

 June 12-15, 2017 & Jan 11-14, 2018

Module 2 – Movement Explorations & Om Waters Retreat

Jan 17-21, 2018


This training is about improving how you move, how you think and how you navigate through your life.

By exploring innovative techniques, we will harness and expand our awareness and refine our ability to sense and feel ourselves and the habits of the mind and body that limit our potential and hold us back.

Yoga Teachers and practitioners will deepen their practices and learn a fresh approach to their teaching by exploring the  Functional Architecture of asana.

Bodyworkers will benefit greatly from this training by improving their sensitivity and kinesthetic awareness and understanding of Functional Anatomy.

Life Coaches and Counselors can use Somatic Movement as a valuable mind-body-integration tool for their clients.


Module 1 – Somatic Yoga

Somatic Yoga, is an embodiment practice cultivated by approaching asana and movement in a personal way that builds upon what you sense inside. Rather than using our eyes and “thinking” parts of the brain and striving toward accomplishing an ideal posture, Somatic Yoga uses the sensing parts of our brain to establish clarity, efficiency and ease in our postures. If your yoga practice was a trek, “somatics” is how to pack your bag before you set out! 

Based on the Feldenkrais Method, students will work to bridge the gap between what is felt in the body and what is known in the mind by learning basic techniques that develop awareness of one’s own self-limiting habits in body, breath and posture.

Students will use various methods and exercises such as Awareness Through Movement, Functional Movement Exploration, hands-on practice, group work and discussion, asana and personal inquiry. We will begin the process of deepening our kinesthetic awareness, explore  various concepts like  the difference between “awareness and attention,” why “muscle memory” actually works against us, how focusing on achievement can limit our ability to reach our goals and the secrets to improving the way we approach physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Students will learn to identify and differentiate various muscular and joint functions in the body and chronic holding patterns that dictate movement (asana) limitations. Basic release techniques and valuable tools for greater ease of movement, connectivity, clarity and creativity in classes, asana and in daily life will be explored.

Module 2- Movement Explorations

A continuation of Module 1, (open to those who completed Module 1 or those with relevant somatic movement experience) we will refine our awareness of  our movements, thoughts, reactions and behaviors. We will investigate more sophisticated and dynamic movements for more subtle refinement in our sensing and transitioning. In this module, we will start to link movement patterns; exploring our own biomechanics, sensory response and personal expression. We will delve deeper into our ability to understand what we observe in ourselves and each other, identifying common kinesthetic patterns, habits and limitations. Hands-on partner work will help us continue to understand functional anatomy as well as listening with our hands without expectation or judgement. Functional respiration will be introduced and we will explore the implications and benefits of regular breathing practice for overall ease in the body and mind.

Day 1) The Integrated Body

-What is Embodiment? Implications on physical practices and lives

-Neuro-Muscular Re-Education – Creating an environment for learning

-Building Awareness – Using movement as a tool

-The Parts Influence the Whole – Bringing our whole selves into action


Day 2) Demystifying the Pelvis

-Investigating your own postural habits – Propulsion and Connectivity

-Exploring of Planes of Movement

-Identifying Movement Patterns, Habits & Limitations

-Release Techniques – Freeing the Hips

Day 3) The Spine as the Movement Highway

-Demystifying “good” posture

-Tracking Movement Pathways

-Release Techniques – Freeing The Spine

-Listening Through Touch

Day 4) Finding Freedom through The Shoulders and Neck

-The Face is more than Expression

-Building Connections

-Release Techniques – Breathing

-Learning to let go

25 Hours – Yoga Alliance Continuing Education
Please  send inquiry below or email with any questions or to register


“This has been the most revolutionary course I have taken in terms of movement exploration. I guarantee it will be incredibly enriching. Tara’s teaching is honest, deep, inquiry based and heartfelt.

If you aren’t already tempted enough to go to Chiang Mai, let this be the reason.

To open up your inner feeling, seeing, hearing, embodied self and let the light in x”

– Jade Wood




Embodiment & Reconnection Retreat


December 15-17, 2017

Sri Lanna National Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand


A retreat centered around embodiment ~ for movers, yogis, non-yogis, bodyworkers, lovers of nature, searchers of serenity and inquisitive humans. An inquiry into the nature of movement and stillness in body and mind.


Inspired by the Feldenkrais Method, somatic movement, mindfulness, yin yoga and craniosacral biodynamics, join Tara Eden and Jade Wood for this retreat to find more clarity in what you feel, how you move and the connection between them.

Our intention is that you will leave feeling refreshed and renewed with helpful tools for easeful movement, improved awareness and the space for self-reflection.

This is a celebration of learning and loving how your body and it’s movements are uniquely yours.12371062_10153147999007047_4206885842987439456_o


Central to the retreat is the time we will take, both during the classes and in the in-between. This is true quality time to spend with yourself, read, swim, play, sun-bask as well as reflect and reconnect or just be.16266110_10154589004757562_2292119886829423279_n

Enjoy a rich investigation, fully supported by the teachers and the stunning natural environment, not to mention amazingly delicious, fresh and locally sourced catered food by The Cat House Restaurant!


Jade and Tara have years of combined experience in teaching yoga, bodywork, movement and mindfulness and are so excited to return to this truly outstanding venue, OM WATERS to share this experience with you.


How the retreat looks:
4 days, 3 nights,  3 fresh delicious meals on Sat and Sun, plus dinner Fri and brunch before leaving on Mon (let us know your dietary restrictions!)
Transportation is provided from Chaing Mai to the retreat and accommodation is on the open air floating house boats on the lake!

Friday Dec 15th we will meet in town and travel together & arrive at Om Waters in the afternoon, we will have one movement session followed by dinner and rest.
Saturday & Sunday Dec 16th & 17th we will have an uplifting movement session, delicious breakfast and late afternoon yin exploration followed by lovely dinner. Mid-day is your retreat time to relax, swim, read, practice, receive bodywork, hang out with new friends, dialogue with the instructors or just be.
Monday Dec 18th we have a relaxed late morning brunch, last chance to swim or do a little self-guided practice, open up discussions with teachers or group etc. At 11am we take the boat ride back to mainland and then song taw back to Chiang Mai.

The movement sessions will usually be 2+ hours. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace, to participate in a way that best suits their needs at that time.

There will also be an opportunity for private Theraputic Thai-style Massage, Body Assessment Sessions and Biodynamic Craniosacral Sessions with Tara or Jade during the retreat.

We look forward to sharing this special experience with you 🙂


Please send inquiry below for more info or to register 🙂




Somatic Movement Weekend Workshop

Bangkok, Thailand – March 26 & April 2

Yangon, Myannmar- Yangon Yoga House – June 17 & 18


In this workshop series, students will be given an introduction to simple, powerful tools that can change the way the brain perceives information and the way the body organizes itself.

Through various mobilization, breath, and visualization techniques, students can observe cause-and-effect improvements to their flexibility, stability, fluidity, and overall ease of their movements. We will explore how Functional Movement and Awareness Techniques can provide drastic long-term improvement to common postural habits/holding patterns/mobility limitations from daily life, office life, sports, old injuries, emotional traumas, etc.

Students will not only learn how to move better they can learn how to adjust to the limitations of their own self-image, improve clarity and experience an overall feeling of well-being.


Chiang Mai, Thailand – All Levels Somatic Yoga – Wednesdays & Fridays 6-7:30pm

Feldenkrais- Awareness Through Movement – Fridays 1:30-3pm & 10-11:30am


Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programs

Awareness Through Movement Sessions

Somatic Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Yin & Restorative Yoga

Asana Exploration Sessions

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Thai Massage & Theraputic Bodywork

Thai Massage Bodywork
is a dynamic manual therapy and unique healing system. The practitioner compresses and manipulates  the recipient’s tissues using hands, feet, arms and legs, and the recipient can be gently moved through various stretches, addressing the body’s energy lines and pressures points. Together these actions result in a multi-dimensional, full body treatment that  eases muscular and emotional tension and stress, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.
Therapeutic Bodywork
is a mixed-modality system of guiding the recipient into a deeper understanding of their own postural habits or parasitic actions that can create chronic tension in the body. A body assessment is done followed by breath work and a series of very light yet profoundly deep physical adjustments or verbal movement instructions. The resulting affect is a deep state of relaxation, connectivity and awareness of the whole self.
Therapeutic & Thai Massage Bodywork are performed on a mat on the floor. Recipient is clothed comfortably. No oils or creams are used.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program


So you finished your 200hr Yoga Teacher Training…maybe you even completed a 500hr program or have been starting to teach privates or occasional drop-in classes but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with it all…many questions have come up and even though you have a great asana practice and solid knowledge base you still don’t know HOW to teach….

How do you create a fun, interesting sequence that is also safe and mindful…?

How do you improve the fluidity of your speech or get out all those alignment points in just one breath cycle…?

Your class plan goes sideways, how do you recreate something brilliant on your feet or work with a student experiencing pain…?

How do you stay mindful, honor your own practice, recruit new students and keep em’ coming back for more…?


The Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program answers these questions and so many more that will come up for you as you enter into your teaching journey. We have created an opportunity to practice, practice, practice, dialogue and receive ongoing feedback with an extremely skillful, experienced yoga teacher whose eyes are focused exclusively on you and your personal improvement as a teacher. Upon completion of the program you will teach your own free class to the local community at our Chiang Mai studio, Yoga on The Hill.


This is an 18hr Continuing Education Program available as a weekend intensive or spanned over 6 days, 2 consecutive weeks maximum. Available to any individuals or small groups who have completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Can’t make it to Thailand? We have developed a new online option via Skype. Email for details.

The Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program is hosted in an outdoor studio in the quiet, lush foothills of Chaing Mai, Thailand. A private room with bathroom and shared kitchen is available at the studio or we can help arrange local accommodation and transportation to the studio. If you are coming from abroad we are happy to provide tips on further exploration of Northern Thailand before/after the program. For more information or to schedule please submit inquiry below.