Customized Private Programs

Somatic Movement IMMERSIONs, Mentorship Programs & Retreats

Uniquely designed customized Feldenkrais and Somatic Movement programs in Chiang Mai, Thailand:


Whether you have never done Feldenkrais before or you are a student of a Feldenkrais Method training program – be more than a tourist in Thailand with your own customized embodiment program (yoga, massage, ecstatic dance, Qi Gong somatic movement etc) and daily bodywork sessions. If you are a student come do one-on-one mentorship in a dream location with incredible food and gorgeous hospitality. 

Customized retreats starting at $200 USD/day + transport, accommodation


  • Intensive Program: You have ongoing pain, stiffness or discomfort in your body and really need some dedicated time and attention. You would like to understand your neuromuscular habits and past injuries or trauma that you still carry and create unnecessary strain and pain. You want to learn how to improve your posture and move better, feel better and live better.

Personalized Embodied Learning Programs in Chiang Mai, Thailand – start at $120/day


  • Feldenkrais / Somatic Movement Immersion: You are way too stuck in your head. You want to feel more grounded and need more body awareness. You want to feel supported. You want to feel seen. You need time, focus and dedicated attention to transform the way you sense, feel and see your body, your movement and the way you show up in the world.

6+ Hour Program – $80/hr


  • Somatic Movement Mentorship: You are a seasoned yoga teacher, bodyworker, massage therapist, dancer, actor, coach or counsellor. You have already discovered the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method or another somatic practice and made some amazing discoveries about your body and mental state!…But now you have even more questions about your anatomy and nervous system and the habits you have in your self-use. You  want to use “somatic awareness” as a tool in your practice to help your students or clients connect more deeply, stay out of pain, feel more clear & comfortable – and empower them to start their own home practice.


  •  Yoga Teacher Mentorship – You are a new yoga teacher or just finished your 200hr or 500hr Yoga Teacher Training. You have heard about Somatics and want to provide something unique and personal for your students so your classes stand out. You want to understand better how a body in movement works and how to keep your students safe from injury. You want to be able to show your students amazing release techniques or teach anatomy-informed classes – not a universal system of alignment. You would like to learn how to integrate Somatic Movement or Feldenkrais Method into your yoga classes.

20 + Hour Program – starting at $1600


75-500 Hour Program starting at $4875


  • Feldenkrais Immersion: You are the parent of a child with special needs. You have heard about Anat Baniel Method or Jeremy Krauss Approach and you don’t have time to do a whole training program but want to learn more about Feldenkrais Method and how it can help your child’s development. YOU need help relaxing and reconnecting to yourself and know that if you feel more grounded and embodied you will be able to support your child better.

10+ Hour Program – starting at $800

How do you create a fun, interesting Class or Self-practice that is also safe and mindful…?

How do you Use language to foster a Trauma Sensitive, inclusive, non-competitive, Non-Abelist atmosphere for your Students or clients?

Your plan goes sideways: how do you think on your feet to create something brilliant spontaneously or work with someone experiencing Acute pain…?

How do you stay mindful, honor your own practice, recruit new students/clients and keep em’ coming back for more…?

This Mentorship Program answers these questions and so many more that will come up for you as you evolve as an educator/facilitator/bodyworker or develop your personal Somatic Movement Practice. this is an opportunity for experiential learning, dialogue and feedback with focus exclusively on you – your personal development, customized learning objectives, deepening your understanding and integration of somatics. 

Upon completion of certain programs, students have an opportunity to showcase their work at our studio – Retreat on The Hill – In Chiang Mai, Thailand.

this program is organized by “learning units” up to 2 per day, 5 days per week


In studio: $80/HR

Abroad: $120/HR


program must be payed in full upon registration. No refunds available.

These Somatic Movement Immersion & Mentorship Programs are hosted in an outdoor studio in the quiet, lush foothills of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We can help arrange local accommodation and transportation to the studio.

If you are coming from abroad we are happy to provide tips on further exploration of Northern Thailand before/after the program.

For more information or to schedule please submit inquiry below. 

Can’t make it to Thailand? We have developed an incredible new online option, via Zoom. Contact Me Below for details.

The Immersion and Mentorship Programs are hosted in an outdoor studio in the quiet, lush foothills of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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