What is an Advanced Awareness Through Movement lesson? Try it!


You may ask.

If Awareness Through Movement is supposed to be all about moving slowly, without ambition or instant gratification or accomplishment – in order to recognize your habits and discover new things – then how could a lesson be advanced?

I’m glad you asked ­čÖé

For a beginner, it is important that Awareness Through Movement lessons are simple and straightforward and that you are given suggestions for what kinds of feelings to look for: ” Do you notice any change in your breathing as you are doing that movement?” Or “see if you can feel what changes in the space of your low back as you…”)

As you get more familiar with the practice (and the feeling of listening for increasingly more subtle changes) you will be able to follow a lesson with more sophisticated or more vague instructions and with less guidance or less suggestion. As you progress with your understanding of the Feldenkrais Method, you will feel more empowered to trust your own experience and exploration and depend less on the structure or instructions from the lesson to guide your learning.

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