Somatic Resetting – Receptivity – Original Audio Series

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3 original audio recordings. Material inspired by Somatic Bodywork, Feldenkrais Method, Vipasana Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

Somatic Resetting is a unique program designed by Tara Eden and accessible to all. It is an exploration of the most innovative somatic techniques to refresh and restore your nervous system and leave you feeling relaxed, balanced, at ease and deeply connected. Find a comfortable place to lay down on the floor, close your eyes and enjoy!


In this unique audio series you will explore the somatic elements of deep listening that allow you to refine your receptivity- to yourself, the people around you and your environment.

These sessions are deeply relaxing and meditative. Using the most innovative somatic techniques such as gentle movement, internal sensing, visualization, self-touch, developmental movement patterns, rhythm and breath work  these sessions can help you feel rebalanced and restored, reduce body pain and anxiety and help you get a good night’s sleep.



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