Module 2- Somatic Integration & Expression Retreat

In this Somatic Movement Immersion we take our movement and self-exploration practice to the next level in a deep nature retreat…

5 uninterrupted days of silence and serenity at Om Waters Floating Homestay and Retreat Center at the far end of a lake in Sri Lanna National Park. Time and space with no restraints of the city or requirements of our daily lives to feel, sense, express, process, reflect, connect and nourish ourselves. Surrounded completely with nothing but water, rolling mountains and sky we will live simply and deeply together, eating fresh, delicious food, learning, exchanging, practicing and playing.

Building upon Module 1, (open to those who have completed Module 1 or Feldenkrais Practioners) we will refine our awareness of  our movements, thoughts, reactions and behaviors. We will investigate more sophisticated and dynamic 

movements for more subtle refinement in our sensing and transitioning and understanding of where we get support. In this module, we will start to link movement patterns; exploring our own biomechanics, sensory response and personal expression. We will delve deeper into our ability to understand what we observe in ourselves and each other, identifying common kinesthetic patterns, habits and limitations. Hands-on 

partner work will help us continue to understand functional anatomy as well as listening with our hands without expectation or judgement. Functional respiration will be introduced and we will explore the implications and benefits of regular breathing practice for overall ease in the body and mind.

Please  send inquiry below or email with any questions or to register.