“Learning To Listen”

Somatic Movement Immersion

Modules 1, 2 and 3

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This program is about improving how you move,

how you feel, how you think

and how you navigate your life…

Somatic Movement is an embodiment and mindfulness practice where you learn to be more aware of yourself and the world around you by improving your ability to sense and feel.

This awareness can fundamentally change the way you understand your body, your mind and your life.

You can wake up to see clearly how certain old-behaviors or habits cause unnecessary pain, strain or discomfort – in everything from the way you relate to the people most important in your life to how you practice yoga or dance or play sports to how you sit at your desk or get out of bed in the morning.

This program was designed to help you know yourself better in movement, breathing, action, behavior and thought.

This renewed self-knowing creates the empowerment you need to start to make clear choices, positive changes and good practices to feel whole, at ease, grounded and connected again…

It’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight but in an immersive setting you can be undistracted and go deep in your embodied learning.

Unlike most practices, Somatic Movement is not dogmatic or systematic. You learn gradually from your own experience and take it with you into your daily life, you can integrate it into your own practice or teaching and share it with clients, students, colleagues, friends and loved ones.

In this program you will develop your sensory awareness through  movement, observation, visualization, deep listening and touch.      Exploring the body is only the beginning…

“Learning to Listen” is a unique approach to embodied learning and personal development.

This program is open to anyone!

Our students come from all over the world…all ages, shapes and sizes, backgrounds, interests and fitness levels.

No movement experience is necessary 🙂

This program is for people who are:

  • Interested in more comfort, ease and efficiency in movement and  breathing  (for a yoga/athletic practice to desk job to manual labor to chasing kids or just walking down the street!)
  • Looking for supportive resources/empowerment during a physical/emotional transition
  •  Rehabilitating physical/emotional injuries (low-back pain, chronic fatigue, stress management etc)
  • Working with clients in a care-giving, wellness or healing modality (yoga teachers, bodyworkers, life coaches, counselors)
  • Ready to embark on a deep and often surprising journey of self-inquiry & self-discovery.
  • Interested in clarity and enrichment through learning – not outcomes


This Somatic Movement Immersion is broken into 3 Modules which are layers – not levels. However, students must complete Module 1 (or equivalent) to establish the foundation and vocabulary for Module 2 or 3**.

(**Module 2 and 3 open to Feldenkrais Practioners and Trainees)

Module 1  –  INTRODUCTION TO SOMATIC MOVEMENT (5 days, 9:30am-5pm)

This foundational Module is an embodied learning web. It draws us into a basic understanding of our body as a system of relationships and interwoven parts. We begin to recognize and then peel back deep layers of our postural habits, emotional reactions and compulsive thoughts and the ways we hold ourselves back.

Each day we look at various exercises and play with unusual tools for listening to our bodies and integrating this awareness into the image of our whole selves.

This includes Awareness Through Movement® (Feldenkrais®) lessons, breathing exercises, somatic & creative  movement exercises, hands-on partner work, deep listening, group observation and discussion.  We enter into our own “brain lab” and begin learning how limitations in our awareness can create limitations in our overall self-image and by improving our awareness we can expand our perception of ourselves and others and improve overall way we navigate through our lives. (Read more HERE)

Module 2 – MOVEMENT EXPLORATIONS – (4 days, 9:30am-4pm)

The next layer.   Equipped with the understanding of moving from a place of ease, we will develop the subtlety of our awareness of our movements, thoughts, reactions and behaviours with dynamic movement play.

In this Module – particularly popular with dancers and yoga teachers – we will explore advanced Awareness Through Movement® lessons, link movement patterns, explore our own biomechanics, sensory response and personal expression and discover how to get support and make transitions from a sense of space and gravity. We will delve deeper into our ability to understand what we observe in ourselves and each other, identifying common kinesthetic patterns, habits and limitations.

Hands-on partner work will help us continue to understand functional anatomy as well as listening with touch without expectation or judgement. Functional respiration will be introduced and we will explore the implications and benefits of regular breathing practice for overall ease in the body and mind.

The movement explorations will be on all 4s, jumping, rolling from standing and balancing and is best suited to students without chronic pain, major injuries or severe limitations to their mobility. 

Module 3  – SPECIAL FOCUS & HOME PRACTICE- (3 days, 9:30am-3pm)

A deep study of Awareness Through Movement® (Feldenkrais Method®) from the foundation of Module 1. Each Module 3 will focus on a new specific theme (eg: “Demystifying the Pelvic Floor,” “Uncaging the Ribs” or “Integrating the Foot, Leg and Pelvis”). Each day students will explore the theme with 2-3 ATM lessons, extract and discuss the most fundamental functional elements and learn to integrate these lessons into a personal movement/self-exploration/awareness practice. This home practice can be experienced on its own or integrated into other practices, teachings or daily life


Sample an Awareness Through Movement® (Feldenkrais Method®) Lesson here!

Module 1

– Jan 20- Jan 24, 2020 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Module 2  

 Feb 3-6, 2020 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Module 3

Oct 28-30, 2019 – Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Feb 12-14, 2020 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

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