Discover Awareness Through Movement- Oct 20 & 27 – 1:30-3pm   Chiang Mai

Embodied Learning Workshop Nov. 17, 2017 – Phoenix Rising, Dubai

Introduction to Somatic Yoga Weekend Workshop         Nov 24 & 25, 2017 –  Yoga House – –Dubai                                        

BirthKeepers and Lightworkers Retreat                           Nov 25, 2017 – Mel Craven Yoga  Dubai

In these workshops, students will be given an introduction to simple, powerful tools that can change the way the brain perceives information and the way the body organizes itself.

Through various mobilization, breath, and visualization techniques, students can observe cause-and-effect improvements to their flexibility, stability, fluidity, and overall ease of their movements. We will explore how Functional Movement and Awareness Techniques can provide drastic long-term improvement to common postural habits/holding patterns/mobility limitations from daily life, office life, sports, old injuries, emotional traumas, etc.

Students will not only learn how to move better they can learn how to adjust to the limitations of their own self-image, improve clarity and experience an overall feeling of well-being.




Awareness Through Movement

Saturdays & Sundays  10-11:30am


Somatic Yoga

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programs

Awareness Through Movement Lessons & Body Analysis

Functional Anatomy


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