Embodied Learning Workshops                                                                                                                    March 23-25   Gallery Helios, Singapore

Discover Awareness Through Movement                                                                                                   March 24 & 25,  Alphbalance, Singapore

Embodied Learning – Feldenkrais Method Intensive                                                                         April 13 & 14, Phoenix Rising, Dubai

Embodied Anatomy – Level 1                                                                                                                           May 6-20   Path of Yoga – 200 hr YTT, Thailand

Somatic Movement for Yoga Teachers                                                                                                         Sept 23 – Oct 27  Jivani Advanced YTT, Thailand



In these classes and workshops, students will be given an introduction to simple, powerful tools that can change the way the brain perceives information and the way the body organizes itself.

Through various mobilization, breath, and visualization techniques, students can observe cause-and-effect improvements to their flexibility, stability, fluidity, and overall ease of their movements. We will explore how Functional Movement and Awareness Techniques can provide drastic long-term improvement to common postural habits/holding patterns/mobility limitations from daily life, office life, sports, old injuries, emotional traumas, etc.

Students will not only learn how to move better they can learn how to adjust to the limitations of their own self-image, improve clarity and experience an overall feeling of well-being.



Awareness Through Movement Lessons

In group Awareness Through Movement® classes, a Feldenkrais®Practitioner verbally leads students through precisely structured movement explorations, carefully guiding students’ attention to their bodily sensations and the qualities with which they move. Students learn experientially, through their own discovery, how to move more comfortably and more efficiently. The learning achieved in class applies to all aspects of human functioning, including improved performance in arts and sports, avoiding workplace strain, and more comfort in daily activities like walking, sitting, carrying and reaching.

Awareness through Movement classes take place sitting, lying on the floor, kneeling, standing, or sitting in a chair, and can be adapted for any need. There are thousands of Feldenkrais lessons addressing all aspects of life; the lessons are fun and engaging, and provide a model of learning that students may draw upon independently, eventually without the presence of a teacher.

SoMo Movement Jams

Lightly guided, playful Somatic Movement sessions, with music. Practice of combining conscious, easeful movement phrases into full creative movement sequences.

Embodied Anatomy

Topic or theme-specific classes that describe aspects of anatomy from an embodied perspective. An exploration of relationships between parts from a felt-sense.


Awareness Through Movement Lessons

Basic postural analysis and personal Awareness Through Movement lesson

Somatic Yoga

An exploration of movements, such as pandiculation, that illuminate chronic muscle contractions in asana. An exploration/deconstruction of asana as a sensory experience rather than a set of universal alignment rules.

Thai Massage

For experienced practitioners to learn how to improve their own working positions and ease in their stances, pressure distribution and sequence choices.