Learning To Listen

Somatic Movement Immersion

Modules 1 & 2

Chiang Mai, Thailand – June 2018


This program is about improving how you move,

how you think

and how you navigate through your life…


As we explore Somatic Movement, we will harness and expand our awareness and refine our ability to sense and feel ourselves. We will use Embodiment as a tool to free ourselves from the  habits of our minds that live in our bodies that limit our potential and hold us back.

The program is open anyone, all ages and fitness levels and no movement experience is necessary. It is particularly relevant for anyone going through physical / emotional transition, rehabilitating physical / emotional injuries, working with clients in a healing modality or simply ready to embark on a deep and often surprising journey of self-discovery.

Yoga Teachers and practitioners can learn new ways to embody their practice and a fresh approach to their teaching.

Bodyworkers can improve their overall sensitivity, kinesthetic awareness and understanding of Functional Anatomy.

Life Coaches and Counselors can use Somatic Movement as a valuable mind-body-integration tool for their clients.


Module 1- Introduction to Somatic Movement – June 18-22, 2018

Module 2 – Movement Explorations Retreat at Om Waters  – June 25-June 29, 2018


Module 1 – Intro to Somatic Movement


What is Somatic Movement? It is non-purposeful movement used as a tool to improve our ability to feel our body and how it relates to its individual parts, to space and gravity. It is a vessel to improve our sensing, including interoception and proprioception as well as our empathic and intuitive senses. Somatic Movement is practiced with intention directed toward the internal experience rather than to the outer appearance. The result of practicing Somatic Movement is often a pleasurable feeling of ease or joy and overall sense of connectivity.

Based on the Feldenkrais Method, students will use their body as a tool  to understand and improve their Self-Image and improve their overall awareness. This Somatic Movement Immersion Program is a container for students to explore and improve their brain functioning, experience observable improvement in body functioning and begin the process of an overall refinement of all their senses.

Students will “learn to listen” via various methods and exercises such as Awareness Through Movement, Functional Movement Exploration, Hands-on Partner Practice, Group Observation and Discussion, Creative Movement and Personal Inquiry.

We will begin the process of deepening our kinesthetic awareness, identify chronic holding patterns that dictate movement limitations explore basic release techniques and valuable tools for greater ease, elegance and pleasure in movement. Students will go deep into fascinating concepts like “parasitic action” and draw links between the tools for Somatic Movement and tools for overall improvement in life. We will explore how focusing on achievement can limit our ability to reach our goals and secrets to improving the way we approach physical, mental and emotional challenges.


Day 1) The Primary Image & The Integrated Whole

-What is Embodiment? Implications on physical practices and lives

-Neuro-Muscular Re-Education – Creating an environment for learning

-Building Awareness – Using movement as a tool

-The Parts Influence the Whole – Bringing our whole selves into action

Day 2) Clarifying the Pelvis and The Spine

-Investigating your own postural habits – Propulsion and Connectivity

-Exploring of Planes of Movement


-Identifying Movement Patterns, Habits & Limitations

-Release Techniques – Freeing the Hips

-Listening through Observation

Day 3) Un-caging the Ribs

-Demystifying “good” posture

-Tracking Movement Pathways

-Release Techniques – Freeing The Spine

-Listening Through Touch


Day 4) Finding Freedom through The Shoulders and Neck

-The Face is more than Expression

-Building Connections

-Release Techniques – Breathing

-Learning to Let Go – Exploring Habits

Day 5) Subtleties – Fingers, Toes, Mouth and Jaw

-Refining the Senses

-Exploring Subtleties

-Being present to our Experience

-Building Functional Movement Patterns




Module 2- Movement Explorations Retreat



In this Somatic Movement Immersion we take our movement and self-exploration practice to the next level in a deep nature retreat…

5 uninterrupted days of silence and serenity at Om Waters Floating Homestay and Retreat Center at the far end of a lake in Sri Lanna National Park. Time and space with no restraints of the city or requirements of our daily lives to feel, sense, express, process, reflect, connect and nourish ourselves. Surrounded completely with nothing but water, rolling mountains and sky we will live simply and deeply together, eating fresh, delicious food, learning, exchanging, practicing and playing.

Building upon Module 1, (open to those who completed Module 1 or those with relevant Feldenkrais Method experience) we will refine our awareness of  our movements, thoughts, reactions and behaviors. We will investigate more sophisticated and dynamic 

movements for more subtle refinement in our sensing and transitioning and understanding of where we get support. In this module, we will start to link movement patterns; exploring our own biomechanics, sensory response and personal expression. We will delve deeper into our ability to understand what we observe in ourselves and each other, identifying common kinesthetic patterns, habits and limitations. Hands-on 

partner work will help us continue to understand functional anatomy as well as listening with our hands without expectation or judgement. Functional respiration will be introduced and we will explore the implications and benefits of regular breathing practice for overall ease in the body and mind.

Please  send inquiry below or email with any questions or to register.


”Tara’s passion & knowledge of somatic movement is incredible. She skilfully guided us through movements which enable you to explore how you learn, what your habits are and how you’re limiting yourself. 

I realised how hard I’ve been making my life both on & off the mat. I came away from the course with a new found sense of ease & freedom in my body & my mind. Tara is a great facilitator & made the course interesting, informative & fun. I can’t wait for the next module!” -Emma Gardner, UK


“This has been the most revolutionary course I have taken in terms of movement exploration. I guarantee it will be incredibly enriching. Tara’s teaching is honest, deep, inquiry based and heartfelt…

If you aren’t already tempted enough to go to Chiang Mai, let this be the reason.To open up your inner feeling, seeing, hearing, embodied self and let the light in x” – Jade Wood

 “I’m BLOWN AWAY by the change I feel in my body after the Somatic Movement Course. I’ve released tension in my upper back that I had kind of just accepted to be a part of my “permanent” physical condition. My jaw feels lighter than ever and my breath freer – to name a few of the changes! Tara is amazing, she shares powerful tools that could come across as complicated and dull, but on the contrary she does it in a way so it feels simple, interesting, fun and so so useful. “
– Luise Jorgensen, Denmark


“During this course I really started to listen to my body and how I felt, without trying to change anything. We explored the different parts of our body and the connections between this parts. I’m always impressed by how easy and fast the changes happens. 

By the end, I felt really good in my body and I had the feeling that I made a big step on my way of being in my life. The change is not only physical but also psychological: I learned to listen not only to my body, also to my mind…

For me Tara was the perfect teacher. A strong, funny and human personality. I felt really secured and we shared a lot our feelings and life experiences. She also made absolutely no judgements, she just listened deeply to us without any advice. Tara showed us how to feel deeply connected and safe and showed us a unique kind of freedom in the body.” – Ariane Tevalet, Switzerland

 …So much of this body wisdom is transferable to everyday life – practising subtleties, listening, re-learning, forgiving and finding new ways, awareness to what I do when I do it, self image as a concept is extremely profound… I want more and for everyone! – Inbar Jeffery, Israel